Parkhotel Holzner will re-open on april 9, 2022.



Blessed with the natural beauty of our surroundings, the splendid view at The Holzner has evolved into a thoughtful vision: The incomparable ridges of the Dolomites, the age-old trees in our park and the pure mountain air are all worthy of being preserved. We strongly believe in contributing to the conservation of our environment.



With the construction of our spa area in 2007, we started questioning the traditional heating of our hotel. Taking into account the heating of the two new pools and the spa, we would have had a need of more than 130,000 liters of fuel oil and thus a CO2 emission of about 338.0 tonnes per year. For us, that was in no way acceptable. So we opted for a switch to renewable energies. Since 2008, the entire hotel, the spa area, the indoor and outdoor pool as well as the private homes of the Holzner family have been supplied with clean energy from Holzner's bio-heating plant.
The decision for woodchips as a renewable, regional resource in comparison to other renewable energy sources was quite easy: Not only does wood provide clean energy and only releases as much CO2 into the atmosphere as it had previously stored, it also comes directly from the region, so that transport routes can be kept as short as possible and we can therefore really act sustainably. In 2018, the bio-heating plant was expanded to be able to efficiently supply the new areas of the house as well.
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The South Tyrolean energy supply company Alperia produces around 4,500 GWh of clean electricity per year in more than 30 hydroelectric power plants throughout South Tyrol. In 2019, we switched over to Alperia's "Green Energy" supply plan. Thanks to energy generated from renewable sources without CO2 emissions, we can now be sure that we are supplied with 100% green energy and have already saved 239,054 kg of CO2emissions in 2019.


of water

Drinking water is precious. On dry, arid Renon mountain, which has hardly any sources of drinking water and where the ground cannot store rain and melt water well due to the rocky subsoil, we have learned to use this valuable resource sparingly over time. Since the 1970s we have had rainwater collectors and cisterns so that we can irrigate our tennis courts and the park without straining the drinking water reserves on Renon mountain. In addition, towels and bed linen are only changed at request of our guests and not automatically every day. All linen is washed in the in-house laundry with the biodegradable R.046 Ecoline detergent, which meets the technical requirements of the EU-ECOLABEL environmental criteria.



Only 30 metres from Hotel Holzner the stop for the historic Renon narrow-gauge railway is located, which connects the main towns of Collalbo and Soprabolzano with a few stops in between. Right next to it you will find the top station of the Renon cable car, which connects Soprabolzano with the provincial capital Bolzano every 4 minutes. This allows our guests not only to leave their car in the garage for the entire duration of their stay, but also to arrive by train right from the start: Bolzano is excellently integrated into the Central European train network, the train station of Bolzano is only 600 meters away from the cable car station.

In order to make our guests' journey by train and on site by public transport particularly enjoyable, all our guests receive the RittenCard, with which they can use all public transport in South Tyrol free of charge. As part of our "Sustainable Travel" offer, we cover the cost of the luggage transport service for our guests arriving by train.

In addition, there are several charging stations for E-cars, a free mountain bike rental and several E-bikes for rent on our premises.
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Chandeliers 2.0

In 2017, we have made all the original Art Nouveau lamps and luminaires throughout the house future-proof: A total of 253 new and historic lamps and chandeliers have been fitted with low-consumption LED technology. The comprehensive concept led to a reduction in energy consumption and an annual saving of the corresponding CO2 emissions of 85%. Since then, we have been able to save over 11 tons of CO2 emissions annually.



Our aim is to ban disposable plastic articles from the Holzner completely. We have been implementing this process step by step since 2018. It is particularly important to us that we find well thought-out alternatives and therefore we do thorough research before we make an exchange.
Since 2019 we have been using drinking straws made exclusively from potato starch and plant fibres that are completely biodegradable. In 2020 we banned plastic water bottles from the Holzner and instead offer our guests reusable drinking bottles made of light and resistant glass for refilling again and again.


truly well

The ingredients that we use in our kitchen to create delicious dishes are sourced from producers and suppliers in the region whenever possible. This is why our eggs come from the Buchhütterhof farm in Soprabolzano, the milk from the Brixner Milchhof dairy, to which the farmers from Renon mountain deliver their milk, vegetables from the Aspingerhof farm in Barbiano, beef from local farmers such as the Prockhof farm in Auna di Sotto or the Moarhof farm in Soprabolzano, herbs from our own herb garden... and this list could go on and on. It is not only important to us to keep the transport routes short and to use only seasonal goods, but also to support the small cycles in our community, in our region, which make healthy and future-oriented economic activity possible in the first place.


truly well

According to our credo “think global, act local”, we highlight a wide range of fine South Tyrolean wines. South Tyrol is not only a political, but also a viticultural, autonomous region: The wide range of different soil conditions and the climatic diversity from north to south results in a remarkable spectrum of different wines. Because of our efforts to give South Tyrolean wine the status that we believe it deserves, we were awarded with the Wine Culture Prize of the Province of South Tyrol.


Art Nouveau

In 1908, the Holzner was built with the distinctive style of the so-called Alpine Art Nouveau. The considerate and thoughtful renovations throughout the years focused on preserving the original style of the house. Today, the extent of preserved Art-Nouveau originals is unique in the entire Alpine Area. The chairs in the dining room, a bigger part of the room furnishings, the silver tableware, and over 250 lamps and luminaires date to the early 20th century and are still in use today, just like they were over hundred years ago.



In collaboration with the architect studio BergmeisterWolf, over the past five years, the Holzner has been expanded into a hotel resort, which meets the needs of every member of a family while preserving its original charm. In order to combine the two contrasting architectural styles harmoniously, the design process was based on creating a unified whole, whose value will last for generations to come. Choice materials, which have already been used 110 years ago, and consistent quality awareness ascertain that the Holzner remains a house of lasting beauty.



In the 10,000 m2 park surrounding the Holzner, a total of over 59 trees of more than ten different species grow at a leisurely pace. Some of them are over 100 years old, and the older, healthier and bigger a tree is, the more CO2 it converts, which is why every spring the "tree doctor" comes to visit us, trims branches, secures trunks with staples and sometimes has to remove trees that can no longer be saved or for which their life span has simply come to an end. According to the estimation table of the Bavarian State Institute of Forestry and Forest Management, our tree population is storing about 25 tons of carbon, probably even more, since the characteristic values "refer to forest trees and are therefore only of limited use for park or garden trees; due to their solitary position and the often better developed crowns and roots, non-forest trees can usually achieve a higher storage capacity.” At the same time, our trees release over 250 kg of oxygen per day, which corresponds to the oxygen demand of an average of 295 people.
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The Holzner has been family-owned for 4 generations now, for more than 100 years. Our present and our future are defined by the turbulent past of our region South Tyrol. We are aware of our entrepreneurial as well as human responsibilities. Hence, we wish to participate in the creation of our local social life through sustainable and open-minded actions. In doing so, we always keep our eyes on the generations yet to come.

Loyalty and


We want to offer our staff a pleasant workplace and a piece of home. We do this by offering our employees individual training, accommodation in the staff house, staff trips at the end of the season co-financed by the Holzner family, free use of the tennis courts, mountain bikes and the fitness room, holiday vouchers for family and friends and the 5.5-day week.
We are proud of the fact that we have many team members from the immediate vicinity. We are no less proud of our employees from all over the world, who make things hum and bring cultural diversity to our team and our daily lives. And because many employees have been loyal to us for 15 and more years, the atmosphere is familiar and warm.

Local beats


Not only do we purchase our produce for the kitchen from regional producers, we also make sure that all our projects are implemented as locally as possible, that regional materials are used and that local businesses are supported. Day after day and also during the extensive reconstruction in the years 2014-2018, we have worked with numerous craftsmen and construction companies from Ritten and the region.
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