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Sustainability at The Holzner

Natural beauty

Blessed with the natural beauty of our surroundings, the splendid view at The Holzner has evolved into a thoughtful vision: The incomparable ridges of the Dolomites, the age-old trees in our park and the pure mountain air are all worthy of being preserved. We strongly believe in contributing to the conservation of our environment.

High needs

With the construction of our spa area in 2007, we started questioning the traditional heating of our hotel. Taking into account the heating of the two new pools and the spa, we would have had a need of more than 130,000 liters of fuel oil and thus a CO2 emission of about 338.0 tonnes per year. For us, that was in no way acceptable. So we opted for a switch to renewable energies.

Natural resources

Since 2008, the entire hotel, the spa area, the indoor and outdoor pool as well as the private homes of the Holzner family have been supplied with clean energy from Holzner's bio-heating plant.
The decision for woodchips as a renewable, regional resource in comparison to other renewable energy sources was quite easy: Wood does not only provide clean energy, but comes directly from the region. Transport distances are as short as possible and therefore we can act truly sustainably.

Awarded green practices

In 2016, we won in the category "Best for Green Practices" at the annual Condè Nast Awards for Excellence. A sustainable operational concept and our commitment to the future generations is the reason for our efforts and this award is a confirmation that it is well worth it and - even more so - that we are on the right track.
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