And here we still are, almost 120 years later. Our names, the conditions, the place we are at, may have changed. Even time itself seems to pass differently, faster than in 1908, the founding year of the hotel. In our desire for beauty and closeness to one another, the longing for rest and liberation, we have remained the same after all. And at the Holzner, the good has been preserved: the beauty and clarity of Alpine Art Nouveau; the warmth of the hosts; the joy of life.

"It is our aspiration to be the most beautiful holiday resort in the alpine region for all generations of a family."

The Holzner family



In 1908, the Holzner was opened under the management of the young hotel director Hans Holzner from Merano. At that time, no one could have guessed that almost 120 years later it would still be a house of hospitality, offering young and old a place of recreation and well-being. And not even Hans Holzner himself would have dared to dream seeing his family governing the hotel for four generations to come.

Our Philosophy

Family-run hotel

steeped in history

The Holzner has been family-owned for 4 generations now, for almost 120 years. Our present and our future are defined by the turbulent past of our region, South Tyrol. We are aware of our corporate and human responsibility and want to help shape the social life of our town and community through sustainable, open-minded action, always with future generations in mind.

Top quality


Our sustainable approach is reflected in all our strategic decisions and investments. The architectural development is intended to emphasise the preservation of the historic character of our house, increase holiday comfort and optimise work processes. The manageable size of the house is considered a strength today, as it enables the personal service that defines a holiday for us. We strive for the highest quality, both in our service and in the hotel facilities.

Hotel with

a heart

We want to provide our employees with a pleasant workplace and a piece of home. We want to offer our guests relaxed, shared experiences in our hotel and thus convey to them a joy of being and a sense of security. Today, our focus is on holidays for pleasure-conscious families. All generations should experience the holiday they long for in their search for recreation and joy at the Holzner.

As far as

the eye can see

The view reaches far at the Holzner. Situated on a natural terrace on the southern slope of the Renon plateau, the view falls unhindered on the magnificent South Tyrolean mountains: the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites in the southeast, the soft hills and vineyards in the southern lowlands, the majestic peaks of the distant Ortles group in the west.
There is nothing to stop the eye from roaming into the distance. Nothing that limits the view. And so you might just find yourself lying in the 10,000 m² park in the shade of hundred-year-old giant trees, sit on a park bench in a sea of flowers and let your gaze wander and your soul unwind.



The Holzner has been family-owned for almost 120 years and four generations. Looking back on eventful times defines our today and our future. We are constantly implementing comprehensive measures to reduce our CO2 emissions and keep our hotel future-proof. We received the Condé Nast Johansens Award for Excellence in the category "Best for green practices" for our sustainability concept. Since 2024, we have held GSTC certification (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) and the South Tyrol Level 3 sustainability label.

Our sustainability concept