A bird sanctuary in the Holzner park

Our park is becoming a bird sanctuary: we have placed a total of 41 nesting boxes for birds in hedges and trees.
Since 1980, 600 million birds have disappeared in Europe, and all 24 Central European bat species are threatened with extinction. The reason for this is dwindling habitats, food and nesting sites. Today, very few areas still have enough deadwood, which is used by native birds not only as a food source - many insects live in it - but above all as a nesting opportunity, and thus not enough nesting spaces. With nesting boxes, we are helping our feathered garden dwellers and have installed 41 nesting boxes for birds and one bat box throughout the park.

To ensure that no bird species is left out, the garden needs a wide range of different nest boxes with different flight hole widths. Small tit species such as blue or coal tits find a home in the boxes with the smallest entrance (26 mm), while nuthatches and sparrows find a home in those with a larger entrance hole (32 mm), while the redstart prefers an oval entrance to the nesting box. For bats, we have placed a separate nesting box a little apart.