Parkhotel Holzner will re-open on april 9, 2022.


of art nouveau

Parkhotel Holzner is a place of timeless beauty, where Alpine Art Nouveau meets modern architecture. Handpicked interior materials stand for enduring quality and sustainability.

For 110 years, the Holzner has been a haven of peace and pleasure for young and old. Art Nouveau ornaments from the year of foundation 1908 flow seamlessly into the clean lines of modern architecture. A fine tradition has developed and established itself from the house’s long history, and today, The Holzner still embraces its historically grounded practice of providing for your body and soul.



In collaboration with the architect studio BergmeisterWolf, over the past five years, the Holzner has been expanded into a hotel resort, which meets the needs of every member of a family while preserving its original charm. In order to combine the two contrasting architectural styles harmoniously, the design process was based on creating a unified whole, whose value will last for generations to come. Choice materials, which have already been used 110 years ago, and consistent quality awareness ascertain that the Holzner remains a house of lasting beauty.

The Holzner's


The panoramic tower is a new edition of the original tower that had been crowning the Holzner starting in its year of construction in 1907. During WWII, the house was occupied by German troops, who dismounted the tower’s roof to install a lookout. Finally, in the late 70ies, the entire tower had to be removed due to deterioration.
Before its cessation, however, one late evening in the early 70ies Hans Holzner and Marianne Widmann got to know each other better in the old tower. After their wedding in 1974, they were running the Holzner devotedly and successfully until 2008. Therefore, we hope the new tower will bring the next Holzner generation as much luck as the old one brought the last generation!
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