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Architectural gem

Parkhotel Holzner was built in 1908. Like various other major hotels in the Alpine region, it was built in Alpine art nouveau style. In comparison to the turn of the century’s urban art nouveau, this style was more sober, much less fragile and ornamental, without sacrificing any of its lightness or linearity. Much conversion and renovation work became necessary over the course of the years.

This was performed with great care to prevent the original fabric of the building from being damaged. The most extensive work was probably the installation of a central heating system, of baths in the individual rooms and the conversion of the breakfast veranda in the south face to a closed dining room, at the end of the 1960s and the early 1970s.

And, of course, the construction of the new wellness centre in 2006/2007, which involved a switch from a traditional heating system to one that used renewable energies with the installation of a wood-chip heating system. All of this work was performed without any of our establishment's originality being lost. In fact, it enhanced the original fabric of the building.

The fourth generation of the family Holzner sees The Holzner as a living institution of the Art Nouveau period. Great care has been repeatedly extended, improved and expanded the range of services with the aim to be a feel-good house on a very high level, but with adherence to common sense. In 2014, some important changes have been executed: comfortable suites under the rooftop, an observation tower for stargazers and a newly built, additional restaurant.

The Holzner's tower

The panoramic tower is a new edition of the original tower that had been crowning the Holzner starting in its year of construction in 1907. During WWII, the house was occupied by German troops, who dismounted the tower’s roof to install a lookout. Finally, in the late 70ies, the entire tower had to be removed due to deterioration.
Before its cessation, however, one late evening in the early 70ies Hans Holzner and Marianne Widmann got to know each other better in the old tower. After their wedding in 1974, they were running the Holzner devotedly and successfully until 2008. Therefore, we hope the new tower will bring the next Holzner generation as much luck as the old one brought the last generation!
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