Liberty Style

“I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones,” said Arthur Lasenby Liberty. With these words, the merchant from London summed up what the art movement at the turn of the 19th century was all about, and Art Nouveau in England and Italy was named after him: Liberty Style. A style that defined itself as a life revolution; a response to the soullessness of industrialization, to the pessimism and nervousness of the fin de siècle.
Liberty Style was aiming to create an individual that was self-determined and free, and found expression in the search for a new language of shapes and the connection of art and life.

The artists and pioneers of Art Nouveau were revolutionaries; advocates of a new way of life that focused on individuality and inspiring beauty in all areas.

The Liberty Spa lives up to its name: it is the new in the established; a place with the freedom to explore one’s inner and outer beauty. “Back to natural forms and processes,” claimed the Art Nouveau artists and so do we, with the goal of finding ourselves without forgetting the world around us.

The balance between inner serenity and outer freedom can be found in special places like the Liberty Spa:
A place of timeless regeneration in the heart of the Holzner.

Opening hours

Pools from 7am until 9pm
Treatments from 9am until 8pm
Hamam and saunas from 11am until 9pm
Family saunas from 3pm until 8pm


Let yourself be carried away to the magical world of the Hamam. Deeply sensual processes will free your mind, and your body will become light. Experience the illumination  and deep pleasure of a centuries-old ritual brought to life today at the Liberty Spa.

You are invited to complete an independent Hamam circuit with Rhassoul. We will provide you with Pestemal, Kese and soap, so you can exfoliate and wash yourself, before the concluding Rhassoul with nourishing mineral muds at the end of the Hamam circuit.

Or let our Tellaks, the attendants in the Hamam, help you to a place of remarkable liberation and ease with the Hamam ceremonies:
Discover our Hamam ceremonies

Hans in the Hamam

A Holzneresque fairy tale

Over a hundred years ago, a young hotelier exchanged the rugged alpine landscapes of the Alps for the mysterious lands on the other side of the Mediterranean. Hans moved to Cairo and Muscat, visited Jordan and Israel, and immerged in the oriental world with its unfamiliar customs and peculiarities. After the long journey through glowing deserts and rocky fields, he stopped in a city. At the inn, he stripped off his dusty boots and rubbed the sand out of his eyes when someone knocked on the door. It was the landlord who showed Hans to the inn’s bath, the Hamam. As the water streaked down his body so did the dust of the streets, and the exhaustion of the long journey was absorbed by lather. Fatigue and restlessness waned, and when he stepped out of the bath, he felt clear and free. Later that same day, he boarded a ship and returned home, where the mountains no longer appeared bleak and dreary, but sublime and grand. The valleys were full of possibilities and the world was his home. This is a true tale, as true as a tale can be.


facets of experience

Being alive means moving and growing, at all levels. You will get moving, find mobility, flexibility and strength. Like the dynamically flowing forms and lines of Art Nouveau, you will feel alive, powerful and vital.

Beauty lies in the form, in the perception of good. It lies in all of us as a basic need of the healthy mind. Deeply touching, true beauty reaches out to all areas of our lives.
Sensual experiences are an expression of joie de vivre, love, freedom and happiness. Experience love of life and rich renewal for your body and mind.

Cleansing rituals free us from constraints, restrictions and burdens. During the Art Nouveau movement the corset was stripped away, in the Liberty Spa we strive to break barriers to individual well-being. Your body will feel light, your thoughts will be clear.


» Facial treatments
Eclat du jour
50-minute or 80-minute facial treatment designed to your liking

50 Minuten€ 78,00-
Tree of life
Rich firming treatment with fresh plants and rose oil from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 118,00-
Detoxifying treatment for healthy, radiant skin from Pharmos Natur

80 Minuten€ 118,00-
The blue hour
Hydrolifting blueberry facial treatment by Trettl True
80 Minuten€ 118,00-
» Beautiful hands & feet
La plume
Liberty Spa deluxe manicure
50 Minuten€ 68,00-
Liberty Spa deluxe pedicure

50 Minuten€ 68,00-
» Body treatments
What the flowers say
Profound and stress-reducing body treatment from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 112,00-
Resting Amazons
Strengthening body treatment for back and legs from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 112,00-
Bathing men
Liberating and comprehensive body treatment for men from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 112,00-
Lady of the Camellias
Regenerating body treatment for head-to-toe beauty from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 112,00-
Femme joyeuse
Detoxifying body treatment with pure aloe vera from Pharmos Natur
80 Minuten€ 112,00-
» Massages
The sensation
Individualized whole body massage adapted to your personal wishes
50 Minuten€ 72,00-
Harmonizing essential-oil massage by Pharmos Natur
50 Minuten€ 78,00-
The dance
Relieving foot and leg massage
50 Minuten€ 78,00-
Relaxing back-neck-head massage
50 Minuten€ 72,00-
» Family Spa
Water nymphs
Classic massage for children
25 Minuten€ 25,00-
Elf at the brook
Essential oil massage for teens
25 Minuten€ 35,00-
Classic massage for child and parent
25 Minuten€ 66,00-
On blooming meadow
Essential oil massage for child and parent
25 Minuten€ 68,00-
» Hamam ceremonies
The source
Vitalizing Hamam ceremony
75 Minuten€ 98,00-
Purifying Hamam ceremony
90 Minuten€ 118,00-
The song from afar
Indulging Hamam ceremony
110 Minuten€ 158,00-

We recommend that you book your treatments as much in advance as possible. Arrange your appointment by phone or via e-mail:
Tel. +39 0471 345 231 /


Our sauna area is composed of panoramic sauna and Finnish sauna in the cabin. The saunas are open daily from 11 am until 9 pm. Every day at 6pm, the traditional sauna steam treatment takes place in the panoramic sauna.

The bio sauna (55-60°C) and a steam bath are located in our pool area and are accessible from 3pm on, especially for families with children.

Time for

something new

The Holzner is a place of modern zeitgeist, and has been for 110 years. Alpine Art Nouveau meets the clear lines of Modern Age. With the modfications of 2018 we create even more freedom, variety and comfort - for your well-being!Read more
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