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An establishment with a history of its own understands how important history can be. Taking a glimpse back into the past of Parkhotel Holzner is like looking back at the history of the country it is based in, at the history of every single individual who has come and gone here, a history closely related to that of the Holzner family itself.

„Hotel Oberbozen“ opening

Hans Holzner Sen. purchases the hotel

1914 – 1918
World War I: Hans Holzner Sen. is based at Vienna as an officer of the Austro-Hungarian army
His wife Maria, né Krawany, runs the hotel
Confiscation of the hotel by Austrian and Italian army groups

Hans returns to Ritten Mountain
South Tyrol is annexed by Italy

Resumption of the hotel-business

After the fascists seize power in Italy, the hotel is initially renamed as “Hotel Holzner”, later on as “Hotel Savoia”

„Pension Maria“ (today‘s Hotel Bergfink) opening

„Café Holzner“ (today‘s Café Fink) opening

Hans Holzner Sen. has a stroke, his wife Maria and his eldest son Herbert take over the business

Hans Holzner Sen. dies

1939 – 1945
World War II: Initially, confiscation of the hotel by the Relocation Trust, later on by German troops
Pension Maria temporarily accommodates families and refugees from the nearby cities

Hans Sen’s second son Wilhelm, his wife Hertha, né Wehdorn, and their children return from Berlin, where he was working as an electrical engineer

Resumption of the hotel-business
Hans Holzner, Wilhelm’s and Hertha’s third son is born

1950s – 1960s
Numerous renovations and reinstatement work with the aid of engineer Wilhelm Holzner
It is rumored that the hotel might be sold to the ANA (National association of the Alpine armed forces)

Herbert Holzner dies

Maria Holzner dies

1969 – 1974
Wilhelm’s wife Hertha runs the hotel in form of a bed and breakfast, alongside her youngest son Hans

Hans Holzner and his wife Marianne, né Widmann, take over the business

1970s – 1980s
Sale of the café and pension
Cautious renovation of the entire hotel
Restauration of the original Art-Nouveau furnishings
The six Holzner-children are born and The Holzner is reoriented as a family-friendly hotel

Construction of the new indoor and outdoor pools with saunas and spa area

Hans‘ and Marianne‘s third child Wolfgang Holzner his wife Monika, né Waldner take over the business
Awarded as “South Tyrol’s historical Hotel of the year”

Extensive renovations and re-building of The Holzner’s tower
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