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Summer at the Holzner is lush and warm, colourful and inviting. While the sun shines from the sky, the park and garden are a hive of activity. You can meet children on adventures, guests reading on hidden park benches in the flower garden, whole extended families socialising. Summer at the Holzner is all about enjoying each other's company, blooming gardens and the lush natural surroundings. A special time that promises relaxing vitality and a thirst for adventure.

The Holzner within reach

with direct flights to Bolzano

Since the South Tyrolean airline Skyalps is connecting several European cities to Bolzano Airport, many of our guests can now easily fly directly to Bolzano. We are also happy to organize the transfer from the airport in Bolzano directly to the Holzner and back for you. In addition, we compensate the CO2 footprint of your flight with myclimate as part of our Sustainable Travel offer.Find your flight here


at the Holzner

The height of summer is approaching and with it begins family time at the Holzner. All generations of a family come together under our roof and we offer unforgettable experiences for everyone. Our guests find active relaxation while hiking, on mountain bike tours, on the tennis courts or during the daily Pilates and yoga sessions. Adults enjoy the timeless tranquillity of the Liberty Spa, while the children swim in the pool or embark on adventures during the children's programme. The perfect holiday time for families.

For our guests seeking peace and quiet who are travelling without children and still want to enjoy summer at the Holzner, we recommend a stay at the Holzner in June or September


at the Holzner

The peak of summer is reached in August. The whole of Italy is in a festive mood around Ferragosto, as the public holiday on 15 August is known. Folk festivals and square concerts take place everywhere, towns and villages are bustling with life and the summer atmosphere is exuberant. Families love to spend their holidays here in August and enjoy the lively hustle and bustle.
Our guests find active relaxation while hiking, mountain biking, playing tennis or during the daily Pilates and yoga sessions. Children swim in the pool or embark on unforgettable adventures during the children's programme. And yet parents and grandparents find moments of peace and deep relaxation during these busy times, for example in the Liberty Spa or in a hidden spot in the large park.

For our guests seeking peace and quiet who are travelling without children and still want to enjoy summer at the Holzner, we recommend a stay at the Holzner in June or September
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Our best holiday deals

in summer

We know that sustainability is as important to you as it is to us. Therefore, we want to make it easier for you to make your journey to Holzner as eco-friendly as possible.
Mamma mia
- (3 nights)
Our package for mommies or daddies travelling alone with their kids
Family weeks 6+
- (6 nights)
Our 6-day special for families
- (6 nights)
7 days of vacation at the price of 6
1908: Dine & stay
- (1 nights)
Enjoy a very special night: Simply stay over after a wonderful dinner at the awarded 1908 restaurant and experience a night filled with culinary delights and rest.
Loyalty weeks
- (8 nights)
We reward your loyalty with 8 days of vacation at the price of 7!


Summer cuisine

In summer, our award-winning cuisine offers the full variety of nature. Freshly harvested vegetables from the surrounding area, fresh herbs from the hotel garden and plenty of fresh fruit are transformed into delicious, light and often Mediterranean-influenced delicacies. Look forward to a variety of specialities and delicacies from the kitchen of Michelin-starred head chef Stephan Zippl and his team.More culinary highlights

Our top tips

in summer

Up to the


It gets oppressively hot in the valley in summer and the people of Bolzano themselves have been travelling up to their local mountain, the sunny plateau of Ritten, to spend their summer holidays here since the 17th century.
In the peak summer months, you can go on the most beautiful hikes and excursions in the high mountains, to nearby Rittner Horn with its magnificent 360° view, to the impressive ridges of the Dolomites or to countless other mountains and peaks throughout South Tyrol. We offer regular guided hikes or are happy to personally recommend the most beautiful tours to suit your taste.
More hiking tips from the Holzner

Out into the


No matter how warm or vibrant it gets elsewhere, in the forests that stretch across the whole of Ritten mountain and can be reached in just a few steps from the Holzner, the revitalising peace and power of nature prevails.
The light falls green and refreshingly through the needles and leaves, the birds sing and the forest floor smells earthy and soothing. A few steps and deep breaths are enough to make you feel reborn, revitalised and balanced. We think an enjoyable walk or invigorating run in the forest are the most beautiful in the early morning or late afternoon.

Refreshing hours

by the pool

With a view of the mountain silhouettes shimmering on the horizon, surrounded by lush greenery and the fragrant flower garden next door, it's easy to spend a whole day by the pool in the summer months.
Every now and then guests enjoy a refreshing swim, and the children can hardly be persuaded to get out of the water to meet their countless playmates at the children's programme.
Our pools

Jazz Festival

South Tyrol

The grandiose South Tyrol Jazz Festival, one of the largest in Europe, begins at the end of June and lasts until the first weekend in July. Concerts with international jazz greats take place at impressive locations throughout South Tyrol: On alpine meadows and between rugged peaks, in castle courtyards and parks, in inns, on lakes and squares. Almost 90 concerts in over 50 different locations with more than 150 participating musicians from all over the world take place over the ten days of the festival. At the Holzner, we welcome exceptional artists for a matinee in the park every year. Incidentally, the festival was initiated by Klaus Widmann, jazz lover and uncle of Wolfgang Holzner.Our event calendar

Time of festivals

and holidays

July and August are undoubtedly the time with the most festivals, events and characterised by bustling activity up and down the country. On Ritten mountain alone, the gastronomic night rides on the Ritten Railway take place in July and the open-air theatre series Rittner Sommerspiele continues into August.Vvillage and meadow festivals are celebrated in all Ritten villages and the traditional music bands seem to compete to see who can hold the most square and marching concerts in one summer. Whether you prefer to watch the hustle and bustle from a distance, throw yourself right into the mix or stay away completely is of course up to you.

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