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Spectacular Kids Time

Children's program & Edutainment

First and foremost, our number one priority is FUN! You and your children are at the Holzner for vacation. That is why in our children's program which takes place mostly outdoors, we want to enable kids to play and play a lot. It is also important to us that the children develop their own group dynamics and are free to create their own games and worlds of play. At the same time, we are convinced that at times you have the most fun when you experience something new and learn something exciting.

A further priority of ours is to offer FAMILY HOLIDAYS, that is, shared time for all members and generations of a family. That's why we offer program for the whole family, young and old, as many as three times a week.

Our extensive and varied children's program features various activities, covering a wide range of interests and preferences for every taste. The main themes of our program are:
On the trail of natureOn the trail of nature
We discover and experience Ritten Mountain’s wonderful nature around the Holzner and beyond: we visit farms and learn where milk and eggs come from. We stroll into the forest and discover plants and animals.
Creative workshopCreative workshopA time for arts and crafts! We learn a variety of techniques, and create wonderful things: t-shirt prints, lanterns, kites or water wheels, there is no limit to our imagination. We love getting creative with natural materials, which we often even collect ourselves.
Scrumptious stockpotScrumptious stockpotGourmets start off in a small way! That is why we enjoy cooking and eating together. Sometimes, even chef Stephan Zippl helps us to cook delicious meals. In doing this, we also learn where our food comes from, what is naturally edible, and discover new taste sensations.
Sports & AdventureSports & AdventureTo us, playing and physical activity is a matter of the heart. Being outdoors, hiking and taking part in sporting events represents the lion’s share of our children's program. Scavenger hunts, climbing, bocce tournaments, tennis and singing together around a camp fire, there is no end to the fun possibilities!
Lyrical little rascalsLyrical little rascalsWe explore the world of words together. There are readings for young and old, quizzes and we even create our own picture books and comics ...


Our kid's program includes:
  • Free-of-charge child supervision - 7 days a week
  • Special family program at least 3 times a week
  • Kids Dinner at the Kids Table every day, with child supervision until 9pm
  • Family hikes

  • At least one caregiver for every 15 children
  • Babysitting service on request (€ 12,- per hour)
  • The kid's program is only for children over 3 years

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