As far as

the eye can see

The view goes a long way at The Holzner. Located on a natural terrace on the Ritten Mountain’s southern slope, the sight of the South Tyrolean mountain landscapes is unobstructed: The UNESCO natural heritage of the Dolomites in the southeast, the rolling hills and vineyards in the south and the majestic peaks of the distant Ortler Range in the west.

Nothing will hinder your gaze from wandering into the distance. Picture yourself lying under 100-year-old fir trees in the 10,000 sqm Holzner park or sitting on a bench surrounded by flowers, just letting your eyes wander and your spirits flow.



The redesign of the park lead to even more space for relaxing outdoors. The view of the surrounding mountains was amplified and is now more breathtaking than ever. Our new underground car park offers covered parking spaces and enabled us to create a new traffic system so that our park became a completely car-free area.
Additionally, Holzner's bio-heating plant was expanded to provide all new areas of the house with clean energy from South Tyrolean wood chips.
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