Mountain hideaway

for all generations

Parkhotel Holzner, built in 1908, is located 1,200 meters above sea level on Ritten mountain, and offers a stunning view of pastures and forests, lovely hills, and rugged mountain peaks. It is an alpine refuge surrounded by fresh mountain air and ancient giant trees, and is only a 15-minutes cable-car ride from the city center of Bolzano.



With deliberate changes in style and unexpected delights for all generations, the historical house proves that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. It offers an incomparable holiday experience, boasting Alpine Art Nouveau and contemporary architecture, wild nature and urban flair, children's laughter and timeless recreation.


and now

For almost 120 years, the Holzner has been a place of modern zeitgeist, a haven of joy for all generations. Leisure is celebrated as a virtue, so that, depending on age, desire, and mood, guests can play, feast, hike, relax, or simply marvel. A holiday at the Holzner is a delightful experience for all senses, for adults and children alike.

The joy of


Over four generations the Holzner family has created a place that is characterized by finding joy in hospitality and diversity. It is a place of contrasting ideas that consistently complement each other and create convincing synergies: Cosmopolitan and deep-rooted, timeless and cutting-edge, playful and dignified, body and soul, big and small.