Our vision: A New Tradition

In cooperation with the terra institute, we have developed a comprehensive and consistent sustainability concept: The New Tradition at the Holzner.
In several workshops together with our partner, the terra institute, and our managers, we have thought about what sustainability actually means for us and our house. The result is the New Tradition at the Holzner:

We love our beautiful hotel and the magnificent South Tyrolean cultural and natural landscape into which it is nestled. For over a century, four generations of the Holzner family have had the opportunity to grow and develop here. Today, we feel “at home” in the world and that it is our duty now more than ever to ensure that also future generations – be it our children or those of our guests or staff – continue to have room to grow, for personal development and happiness.

People are at the centre of everything we do, and we aim to preserve room and opportunities so that also future generations can enjoy a high quality of life.
The Holzner family

Our desire is for the world to feel like home for everyone, and home represents safety, joy, community and development. Home is something you commit to, create, nurture and protect. We have over 120 years of experience safeguarding, maintaining and crafting our historic hotel – our home. And this process, spanning generations, is intrinsically linked to protecting the nature surrounding us and conserving our resources.
From our long-standing responsibility as entrepreneurs and hosts, as mothers and fathers, we have developed an unfettered tradition. A tradition that looks to the future with confidence and provides a framework for future-oriented, committed action. This is the New Tradition at Holzner.