Climate-neutral holidays at the Holzner

We have been implementing sustainability measures for decades. Now we are bundling and strengthening our efforts to act in a future-oriented manner in a comprehensive concept.
For decades, we have been implementing sustainability measures in a relatively uncoordinated manner. In order to bundle and optimise these, the first step was to measure the CO2 footprint of our business in cooperation with the climate neutrality alliance Turn to zero. We were pleased to find that the CO2 emissions in the area of electricity/heating were only 2% of the total emissions due to the construction of our bio-heating plant and the purchase of green electricity.
The second step to enable our guests to have a climate-neutral holiday with us was to compensate for these CO2 emissions. As compensation, we support a community reforestation project in Esteli, Nicaragua. We chose Nicaragua because our brother Klaus' wife comes from Nicaragua and they will be able to see the project for themselves on their next visit there and tell us about it.
But the most important step has only just begun. With the exact calculation of the emissions generated in our company, we were able to identify fields of action in order to implement targeted measures to reduce the negative climate impacts of our company.
In several workshops together with our partner, the terra institute, and our leading staff, we have now defined targeted measures for our first field of action, which we will already implement for the coming summer season 2022. Which field of action is that? You will read about it in our next blog post...
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