The carnival season is just around the corner and we think: We all need a little light-hearted fun right now, even if it's within our own four walls. So as part of our second creative contest, we are offering great prizes for the best costumes!
Carnival is coming soon. And even though in South Tyrol, we are going into a hard, three-week lockdown again with 8 February, there's one thing we won't let ourselves miss: We will dress up on Fat Thursday, come what may!

Whether we dress up as tigers, a Viking family, a meadow of flowers or as knights and dragons will not be revealed here. But we can tell you this much: we will stock up on mountains of traditional carnival doughnuts ("Faschingskrapfen") and play, dance and snack all day long.

Because we are convinced that it would be good for all of us to have some light-hearted fun and - yes - to be able to dress up as someone else for a few hours, feel like being somewhere else and maybe even at a different time, we are offering great prizes for the best costumes in the second edition of our creative competition. Whether individual costumes or as an ensemble with the whole family, we look forward to receiving your every photo!

And the prizes are really something:
1st place: 1 day of vacation at Holzner for the whole family
2nd place: A holiday lunch for the whole family
3rd place: A parent-child massage at the Liberty Spa

Please send your entry directly to and mention "Creative Competition" in the subject line, so that we don't miss out on any entries. The deadline for entries is Ash Wednesday, 17 February, and the winners will be announced the following week!

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