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Unique & alive

At The Holzner, you will encounter a world of what seem to be opposites. However, upon closer inspection, you will discover a flowing harmony accented with pleasant contrasts: Art-Nouveau ornaments, dating back to the founding year 1908, transcend into the clean lines of modern architecture. The high-quality standard finds its ideal counterpart in the warm and charming service, allowing for an atmosphere of ease and comfort throughout the entire house.

The Holzner, with its idyllic location in the midst of the majestic landscapes of Ritten Mountain, is also easily accessible to and from the region’s capital, Bozen, by means of cable car. This makes The Holzner a rural retreat and a city hotel at the same time. At The Holzner, these seeming contrasts form a whole. You will encounter a world of coherent harmony as well as exciting distinctions: a world that is always unique, always alive.

Parkhotel Holzner ****s · Via del Paese 18 · 39054 Soprabolzano, Renon (BZ) · Phone +39 0471 345 231 · Fax +39 0471 345 593 ·
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