Over 300 kilometers of hiking trails sprawl across the Ritten mountain, from the vineyards in the valley all the way up to the breezy heights of Rittner Horn at 2200 meters. At The Holzner, we offer an extensive selection of hiking picks, a shoe room and on a regular basis, guided hikes to the prettiest spots on the Ritten mountain.



Mentap, the concept-based training method developed by our trainer Martin Tappeiner, combines a variety of methods and experiences into an effective training method, with a tailored learning experience for adults or children.
Adult classes: “Mentap-Qi-Training”
Using the Mentap-Qi method, we learn to find and control the ideal point of impact. Specific Qi-Gong exercises help keeping the posture stable and compact.
EUR 60
Classes for children: “Mentap Bravizzimo”
We get to know our bodies capabilities and PLAY tennis, allowing scope for individual development. Children will always feel like winners after tennis class, through partly self-developed exercises and games.
EUR 60
Use of tennis courts for non-guests
EUR 10 per hour

Contact us directly for organizing week units and whole training programs.


South Tyrol’s diverse landscape, the excellent network of bicycle tracks and the widely spread public transport system, make for an ideal biking holiday destination! Additionally, at The Holzner, we give you the RittenCard for the use of all South Tyrolean public transportation, free of charge. So, just hop on your own bike and go! Unless you want to make use of our free and high quality in-house bike and e-bike rental.
Mountain bike rental

free of charge for our house guests
E-bike rental
EUR 29 half day
Guided e-bike tour
EUR 29 half day


Even the bocce ball was renovated: in 2018 it will shine again in a new light, this year with regular boccia hours and tournaments with our unique Christian.

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