The Holzner has been a place of living history for 112 years. And through all the ups and downs, through all the periods of prosperity and crises, it has grown and become what makes it lovable and special today: a place of joy and peace for all generations, then and now. This time, you will read about a letter young Herbert wrote to his father in 1916.
Herbert (left) and Wilhelm (right) Holzner in 1920.
Herbert (left) and Wilhelm (right) Holzner in 1920.
"Dear father!", wrote 7-year-old Herbert in August 1916 to Hans Holzner, who had been stationed in a camp in Mitterndorf an der Fischa for over a year as a food officer of the Austro-Hungarian Landwehr, "For your beautiful card for my birthday and the good wishes I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have already played the game once and we liked it very much. Mother made me a card and decorated it with roses. Unfortunately, my teacher had to report for duty, and we don't know yet who will be teaching us now. Our sheep are growing very fast, even the rabbits are big by now. We will eat them soon. Mother, Willi, and I greet you warmly. With a kiss on the hand your grateful son. Herbert"

Hans Holzner returned to Ritten mountain about two and a half years later, where his beloved wife Mizi and the boys, Herbert and Wilhelm, then 9 and 10 years old, were patiently waiting for him. Both boys would grow up to receive a proper school education after all: one at the renowned hotel management school in Lausanne, the other as an engineer at the University of Turin.
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