and now

And here we still are, almost 120 years later. Our names, the conditions, the place we are at, may have changed. Even time itself seems to pass differently, faster than in the founding year of the hotel. In our desire for beauty and closeness to one another, the longing for rest and liberation, we have remained the same after all. And at the Holzner, the good has been preserved: the beauty and clarity of Alpine Art Nouveau; the warmth of the hosts; the joy of life.

We are the Holzner

As unique and wonderful as it is, The Holzner would not exist without generations of people taking care of it. The Holzner family, who has run the hotel for over 100 years, is supported by a motivated and competent team. Together, they make the Holzner dream a reality by filling the house with life and warmth. This warmth is tangible as it emanates from the walls, attracting and inviting. It invites you too, to step inside the time-honored house. Experience the unique charm of The Holzner. Become a part of the big Holzner family.

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