In 1908, a young hotel manager from Meran, Hans Holzner, opened the Hotel Holzner in Oberbozen. At the time, nobody thought about the possibility of this house continuing its tradition of hospitality for more than 100 years, providing a peaceful retreat full of relaxation and pleasant experiences for both young and old. Not even Hans Holzner himself dared to dream seeing his family governing the hotel for four generations!



Family-run hotel

steeped in history

The Holzner has been family-owned for 4 generations now, for more than 100 years. Our present and our future are defined by the turbulent past of our region South Tyrol. We are aware of our entrepreneurial as well as human responsibilities. Hence, we wish to participate in the creation of our local social life through sustainable and open-minded actions. In doing so, we always keep our eyes on the generations yet to come.

Hospitality that

is high-brow

All our strategic decisions and investments reflect the sustainable actions that drive them. Thus, the architectural development of our house should emphasize the preservation of the hotel’s historic character, while increasing holiday comfort and of course optimizing working processes. The manageable and convenient size today results in being one of our great strengths as it enables that personalized service we highly value in a good vacation. Whether service or hotel amenities, we strive for only the best quality always!

Hotel with

a heart

We aim at offering our employees a comfortable and secure workplace as well as a place that feels like a home. Our guests we wish to provide with casual, relaxed and shared enjoyment, thus conveying joy of being and a sense of comfort and belonging. Today our offers mainly target families with a sense for pleasure and gourmet. All generations should be able to find the vacation they yearn for at The Holzner.



An establishment with a history of its own understands how important history can be. Taking a glimpse back into the past of Parkhotel Holzner is like looking back at the history of the country it is based in, at the history of every single individual who has come and gone here, a history closely related to that of the Holzner family itself.

1908 „Hotel Oberbozen“ opening
1911 Hans Holzner Sen. purchases the hotel
1914 – 1918 Confiscation of the hotel by Austrian and Italian army groups
1919 South Tyrol is annexed by Italy
1920 Resumption of the hotel-business
1939 – 1945 confiscation of the hotel by the Relocation Trust, later on by German troops; pension Maria temporarily accommodates families and refugees from the nearby cities
1948 Resumption of the hotel-business
1950s – 1960s Numerous renovations and reinstatement work with the aid of engineer Wilhelm Holzner
1969 – 1974 Wilhelm’s wife Hertha runs the hotel in form of a bed and breakfast, alongside her youngest son Hans
1974 Hans Holzner and his wife Marianne take over the business
1970s – 1980s Cautious renovation of the entire hotel - Restauration of the original Art-Nouveau furnishings
1990s The Holzner is reoriented as a family-friendly hotel
2007 Construction of the new indoor and outdoor pools with saunas and spa area
2008 Wolfgang Holzner his wife Monika take over the business
2014 Extensive renovations and re-building of The Holzner’s tower
2018 Construction of the Bergmeister wing with underground parking, 11 Eden suites and new LibertySpa

Detailed information and historical images are to be found in our house museum "Under the Tower" in the attic.
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