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At The Holzner, your senses are simultaneously roused for a one-of-a-kind pleasure experience: The eyes can relax while enjoying the breath-taking views of the surrounding landscapes. The ears will recognize birdsong and creaking timber floors. Your skin will tingle with calm while you float in the spa’s warm water.

Your mouth and nose can fully indulge in The Holzner’s culinary delights. Head chef Stephan Zippl and his team will spoil you with their excellent cuisine. Whether you enjoy a dinner as a part of the half-board package, a lunch choosing from our Bistro Menu, or an evening visit to our new restaurant 1908, you will be treating yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience. Our personable and competent service team will assist you with your dining choices, as well as provide you with expert advice in selecting a wine from our award-winning cellar.

Parkhotel Holzner ****s
Holzner Family
Via del Paese 18
39054 Soprabolzano, Renon (BZ)
Phone +39 0471 345 231
Fax +39 0471 345 593
VAT n. 01188210213
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